Dr. Tommy John Family Chiropractic

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11633 Sorrento Valley Road
San Diego, CA 92121
(847) 421-0025

As a doctor of chiropractic and training specialist Dr. Tommy John understands and believes the simple physiologic truth that there is no element that heals us from outside the body and when the core connection of brain, brain stem and spinal cord to every cell, tissue and organ is not compromised there is no limit to the human potential of any patient no matter their stage of life–infant,
mother-to-be, professional athlete or senior.

Every prospective patient that walks through the door at
Tommy John Family Chiropractic receives a definitive health history interview and is given a thorough chiropractic examination. The resulting findings guide Dr. Tommy to precisely identify any interference in the spine, (called a subluxation), that is preventing the body functioning at 100% of its potential.
A care plan is then created specifically to encompass all of the individual’s chiropractic needs.

In addition to the specific, scientific, individualized chiropractic care each patient will receive, Dr. Tommy also has a unique and integrative means of getting to the root cause of ALL soft tissue pain and dysfunction. Regardless of what a new patient first presents with regarding pain or a previously diagnosed condition, that is no longer their identity at Tommy John Family Chiropractic.

This system identifies in regards to their respective diagnosis or symptom pattern the specific neurological, physical, and emotional conditions that are as unique to an individual as their fingerprint. At this time basic, fundamental, individualized training protocols utilizing the highest level of neurological input and output across a joint to restore movement patterns back to exactly like when we were 3-4 years old. As ancillary additions to the system and not any less important-meditation, sun exposure, parasympathetic breathing patterns and a focus on proper sleep/rest/naps are integral to the eventual, ultimate healing and performance of each human at Tommy John Family Chiropractic.

The only thing that is needed now is ample time for the Innate Intelligence of the body to ultimately heal each person of their affliction allowing for a full expression of vitality, strength, and health with less pain and less likely to require pharmaceuticals and surgery.