Facade Grant




Restoring/maintaining the vitality of Encinitas is the goal of the Chamber of Commerce.  As one of a number of efforts being made to reach this goal, members of the Chamber are working with the City of Encinitas in administering the Facade Grant Program.  The program seeks to bring new life to older commercial buildings in the City by assisting current businesses and by encouraging new businesses to locate in the area.  By offering attractive incentives for facade renovation, the Chamber hopes to stimulate the process of revitalization.


To encourage revitalization, the Facade Grant Program offers grant rebates:

  • Up to 50% of the total cost of exterior facade improvements to a maximum of $2,000
  • Up to 50% of the cost of professional design/architectural/engineering services to a maximum of $1,000

All proposed improvements must be processed by the Chamber of Commerce design committee and approved by the Encinitas City Planning Department before the improvements are made to be eligible for a rebate.



*  Storefront Remodeling
*  Window replacement
*  Landscaping/Planter Boxes
*  Awnings, Canopies, Overhangs
*  Display Window Glazing
*  Sign renovation, replacement and repainting
*  Exterior Lighting
*  Door Replacement
*  Exterior Painting
*  Trash Enclosures


Encinitas businesses or commercial property owners in the City of Encinitas are eligible.

No pre-existing improvements will be funded.  Roofing, decking and interior remodeling are not eligible.


All facade and related sign improvements, in order to be eligible for financial assistance, must comply with all city zoning and design review procedures and be consistent with guidelines in the applicable Specific Plans.  Proposed improvements must be approved in advance.


A. The applicant contacts the Encinitas Chamber Design Committee Chairman. The Committee Chairman makes an initial determination as to the project’s plausibility for facade grant funding.

B. The applicant prepares a preliminary design for the project based upon the guidelines of the applicable zoning or Specific Plan.

C. The applicant submits the preliminary design to the City Planning Department. The planning department reviews the preliminary design and determines if the project requires City design review.  If design review is not required, the planner will provide the applicant with an exemption letter.  If design review is required, the applicant shall schedule a pre-application meeting with the planner and then submit a completed design review application to the Planning Department.

D. The applicant, upon satisfactory completion of City design review requirements or after receiving a letter of exemption, submits a Chamber of Commerce facade grant application to the committee chairman. The application shall include:

  • Application form with detailed project description.
  • Project cost estimate with copies of estimates from a bona fide trade person, contractor or supplier (Owners and tenants may do their own work if they desire).
  • Photographs of the project and adjacent structures.
  • Scale drawings with dimensions.
  • Color and materials board with descriptions.
  • Specifications and other necessary information.

E. The Design Committee reviews the application and makes a recommendation to the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for approval.

F. The applicant is notified of grant approval and signs a statement agreeing to comply with conditions of approval.

G. Applicant obtains private financing, necessary building and sign permits and begins the project.

H. Upon completion of all approved facade improvements, the reimbursement agreement form along with copies of receipts of all invoices for expenditures and verification of all necessary permits and approvals, the Chamber notifies the City and requests reimbursement to the applicant.

Applications will be reviewed by the Design Committee within 30 days of receipt of complete application.  All improvements shall be performed within 90 days of grant approval unless a written extension is granted

The media will be notified and provided “before and after” photos and the Chamber of Commerce newsletter/website will highlight the completed project.

For further information or assistance please contact the Chamber of Commerce Offices at (760) 753-6041.


Chamber of Commerce Design Committee will consider the following factors in assessing applications:

  • Maximum impact for the money invested.
  • Maximum effect of the individual project.
  • Enhancement of the historic character of the building, if applicable.
  • Particular attention to buildings whose original facades have been covered with more modern materials and the original details have been hidden or altered. Removal of such materials and the uncovering of replacement of original historic features is encouraged.
  • Awnings, landscape and signage are not a substitute for needed restoration. They will be considered where other measures are not practical or effective.  We encourage restoration work on the actual building.
  • Consistency with design specifications and recommendations of the applicable zoning or Specific Plan.
  • Exceptions to the criteria may be granted upon committee approval consistent with the applicable Specific Plan.