Ribbon Cutting Event: Health Screenings 4 Life

Encinitas Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cuttings

4405 Manchester Ave. # 108
(760) 840-9343

Health Screenings 4 Life provides Radiation Free Full Body Scans that can save your life! These full body scans evaluate your organs, check blood flow, heart, thyroid, gall bladder,liver, breast, prostate and cancer.

After retiring from a cancer research hospital Mary Blakley PhD/Bmus Efsumb opened her own practice with the knowledge obtained from that research. Cancer is found too late in the U.S., however in Europe it is found at early stages due to the mandatory full body scan done on everyone every 3 months. So after retiring she opened her clinics to mimic European practices.

Dr. Blakley brings 15 years’ experience of revolutionary total body ultrasound health screening from Sweden to Southern California. Assisting the medical community exposing tumors, life threatening plaque and much more!

Her mission is simply to educate people on the value of preventative health care and those seeking a second expert opinion due to the 500,000 medical missed diagnosed opportunities each year, on top of providing an expert screening,each client gets to actually see their organs and arteries.

She also offers:
The Swedish Facelift
Phonophoresis – for pain management
RF for weight loss.
Pets and kids are FREE with paying parents!