Ribbon Cutting for Smarter Exercise

Encinitas Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cuttings

Smarter Exercise

Serious about a smarter, more sustainable fitness program?  Ana Nieto and Thom Tombs practice the exercise method described in Body By Science by Dr. Doug McGuff, The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss, and endorsed by Dr. Mercola in his online blog.

Ana Nieto recently relocated from New York City, where she has been teaching this mindful approach to individualized strength training since 2002. During her private strength training sessions, Nieto emphasizes mental focus and a whole-body practice.

Tombs has taught evidence-based strength training in Encinitas for over 10 years. Per Thom, “I appreciate the needs of the professionals I work with – every workout has to be personalized, completely effective and delivered in a first class way!”

The personal training sessions are time-efficient, science-based workouts individually tailored to a client’s exact needs – it’s smart!