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Hockey is for girls

What does it look like to fall in love with hockey?

It looks like 6 year old Keelan Moxley's face as she catches a puck tossed over the glass by Washington Capitals winger Brett Connolly at the start of a crucial playoff game.

But what is it like to actually be a girl deeply in love with hockey? It's as being similar to the moments before Keelan finally caught that puck, As she was outnumbered by boys, seeking to have her moment of victory.

"I felt ruined. And gloomy. But I felt really good for the two boys, She said in a video her mom shared with media after her daughter went viral. Hockey landscape and an indication of how too often female athletes are relegated to the sidelines.

While engaging in the sport is up USA Hockey player membership grew to 562,145 this method year, Women's hockey membership rights alone has grown by almost 10,000 since the NWHL was launched in 2015 and the NWHL added its fifth team to the league just last month we still have work to do to make this game more welcoming to the Keelan Moxleys of the world. A crucial place to start building more opportunities is our youth hockey system.

in USA Hockey's 2017 2018 membership report, together with 382,514 registered players under the age of 18, absolutely 60,983 are women. In va, Maryland and DC alone there will be 22,172 individuals, strictly 2,653 of them are female athletes. Are recorded in the 19 and over group. The next highest grow older? Six and around. It's exciting to see girls setting up hockey at such a young age, And this youngest age group's number numbers have grown by more than 3,000 considering the NWHL debut. But sadly, As age increases subscription totals for girls 18 and under steadily decline.

These numbers are a lot more statistics they tell stories like my own.

I fell crazy about hockey at a young age. The first rink my skates touched was the pond in my backyard in new hampshire where I followed my brother onto the ice. I joined his youth hockey thing and played with the boys for the first years of my training. But I was almost forced to end my competitive play when we matured to body checking, Which when was around age 12.

My storyline isn't unique. Going up against teenage boys poses too much of a physical danger for most girls, And due to the lack of competitive leagues for them, We're losing great young athletes just as they're getting their skates under them.

There is encouraging progress being made in this field. in 2011, USA Hockey raised age of body checking in boys hockey to the Bantam level, a long time 13 14. But changing rules without expanding programs for girls is an incomplete solution. USA Hockey 2017 2018 health club totals for female athletes drops by 2,658 players between 13 14 and 15 16 age groups, The largest difference in player registrations for girls 18 and under.

But don't mind the occasional obstacles facing them, I've seen a final decision from girls to stay on the ice throughout [url=]moldova dating sites[/url] my years as a player and coach. Rylie Lissebeck, Youth athlete turned girls hockey referee, Is an inspiring example of how young women are finding ways to stay active in the game they love.

And the rewards for dedication to the sport are more than worth [url=]moldova dating[/url] the struggle.

handbags, With all its dilemmas and demands, Teaches conflict agreement, longanimity, information, always keep and teamwork. It builds solid relationships that can last forever, And it shapes decent, Confident young women who are ready to break through every glass ceiling they encounter.

Now it's time to seize the momentum and give our girls the shot they deserve.

when you follow their win at the 2018 Winter Games, the ladies of Team USA, for example,that Rockville, Maryland's exclusive Haley Skarupa, Are paving the way for generation x of female hockey players and working to open more professional opportunities for women in the sport. If we're going to set girls up to prey on these opportunities, We have to meet them with ever better options at the youth level.

Skarupa's young team, houston Pride, Is doing wonderful landmarks for girls hockey in the DC area, And we should build on that pioneering work as one of the region's only competitive teams for young women.

The first priority is building robust programs to guide girls "understand how to skate" And expose them to the joys of hockey early on. Next, We must launch more competitive girls leagues to keep athletes of all ages on the ice, Building their skills throughout middle and school.

I'm excited to be part making a new program at The St. James to give more girls the opportunity to play this sport I love so much. We're meeting the growing availability of women's hockey with more ice time, More good play, More opportunities for young women to reap all rewards playing hockey. And I hope we're not the last.

When the Caps hoisted the Stanley Cup responsible for, Girls like Keelan Moxley saw the future reflected in that silver trophy. Let's help them get there.

Kyra Herbert is a coach for the ice hockey program at The St. wayne, a 450,000 sq. ft. sports, Wellness and active activity destination opening in Fairfax County in fall 2018

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