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2018 Business Forecast

December Business Forecast Click Here

Most county firms participate in corporate social responsibility efforts, but vary on perceived ROI … Read the complete forecast

November Business Forecast Click Here


October Business Forecast Click Here

No Chilling Effect on San Diego’s Business Optimism as Winter Nears … Read the complete forecast

September Business Forecast Click Here

San Diego Businesses: Tariffs will damage one of every four local industries …Read the complete forecast


August Business Forecast  Click Here

Lack of Qualified Workers Identified as Greatest Impediment to Hiring … Read the complete forecast


July Business Forecast Click Here

Business Community’s outlook up slightly looking to end of summer … Read the complete forecast


June Business Forecast Click Here

Optimism Among County Businesses Retreats to Five-Month Low … Read the complete forecast


May Business Forecast Click Here

Businesses agree regulation of social media data is needed; views on regulation not tied to use of social media … Read the complete forecast


April Business Forecast Click Here

Impact of autonomous vehicles a blind spot for businessesRead the complete forecast


March Business Forecast Click Here

Business Community’s Optimism is On the Rise.  Businesses see new federal tax plan as good for the country but not much impact to local firms … Read the complete forecast


February Business Forecast Click Here

Business Community Maintains Optimism at Start of 2018 Companies’ Top Priority for State Legislature: No New Taxes … Read the complete forecast


January Business Forecast Click Here

The San Diego Business Forecast, sponsored by San Diego Private Bank, shows county businesses beginning 2018 with a positive outlook, posting a score of 19.5 on the Business Outlook Index … Read the complete forecast[/text_output]