Encinitas Chamber of Commerce

Memberships & Benefits

The Encinitas Chamber of Commerce is your partner in achieving continued growth and business success. Below is an overview of the many benefits you will gain by becoming a member:

Networking and Connections

Monthly networking events provide amazing opportunities to connect and build relationships with businesses and professionals in the local community. We have a wealth of talented individuals who collectively make up our more than 300 membership base. Monthly Moonlight Mixers, Coffee Connections, Chamber on Tap, regular community events, and Committee seats give members ample opportunity to connect..

Local Recognition & Exposure

As a member, you will garner recognition from local government officials and dignitaries with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. You also can be featured on our website, in press releases, newsletters, blogs, social media, and at community events. Additionally, since we are a Chamber and Visitors Center, members get dual exposure; member collateral and business cards displayed in the office are a first source of referrals.

Business Resources

Members gain access to our expansive archive of business resources to help with needs such as permits, business filings, funding sources, certificates of origin and current issues. Members can connect with other members who are experts in fields such as accounting, marketing & business services, insurance, mentorship, real estate, and career coaching.

Community Involvement

Members can get involved in many community events and initiatives that benefit the local population reaching seniors, students, professionals, and other businesses in need. Sponsorship of these events is a fantastic platform to create additional awareness and build a connection to your community.


Workshops, informational seminars, and other educational offerings from industry experts are a gateway for businesses to tackle problems, grow professionally and work smarter. You not only can be an attendee but could also be a presenter/facilitator.


Nurtured relationships and active engagement with key local and state entities such as the City of Encinitas, SBA, the County of San Diego, and our state & federal government officials helps us to better serve your needs and advocate on your behalf. Involvement in our Government Affairs committee can bring you closer to the issues and give you a first-hand approach to solving concerns in our business ecosystem.

Membership Levels

General Membership

Access to all Membership benefits 

  • 0-2 Full Time Employees: $ 275/year
  • 3-8 Full Time Employees: $ 350/year
  • 9-25 Full Time Employees: $ 425/year
  • 26-40 Full Time Employees: $ 550/year
  • 40+ Full Time Employees: $ 675/year
Non Profit

Access to all Membership benefits 

  •  0-6 Full Time Employees: $ 250/year
  • 7-25 Full Time Employees: $ 350/year
  • 26-40 Full Time Employees: $ 425/year
  • 40+ Full Time Employees: $ 525/year
Hotels & Motels

Access to all Membership benefits 

  • 1-50 Units: $ 495/year
  • 51+ Units: $ 650/year
Community Level Membership

The Community Level Membership allows an individual to join the Chamber and get access to networking, resources, and discounts. This is great for retirees and young professionals. Sole Proprietors, Independent Contractors, and Business Owners are excluded from this membership level.


  • Access to our Monthly Networking Events
  • Discounts on Event Tickets
  • Access to Free Business Resources
  • Community Leadership Opportunities: Such as Sitting on a Committee

Limited Membership Benefits

  • Will not be listed on the Business Directory
  • Does not receive a Ribbon Cutting, Joining Recognition, or other Promotions in Newsletter or Socials
  • Excludes any Business Owners, Managers, and 1099 Individuals