Encinitas Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Committees

Looking to be more active in your Chamber and Encinitas? Consider joining one of our six committees and contributing to projects that create a real impact on your community.

Contact admin@encinitaschamber.com to join a committee.

Business & Economic Development

OBJECTIVE: To enhance the fiscal health of Encinitas businesses and fortify the foundation of our community’s economic well-being. 

ENGAGEMENT:  Help foster relationships, promote a healthy business landscape, bridge organizations, and provide resources to members & the community.


  • El Camino Real Corridor Task Force
  • Various annual Expos
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Resource Fairs

WHY JOIN: Your dedication to shaping the economic destiny of Encinitas will build a stronger and more prosperous future for your business.

Education & Networking

OBJECTIVE: To foster valuable connections with existing and perspective members and to promote a culture of continuous education, enabling members to enhance their businesses, careers, and network.

ENGAGEMENT: Assist in organizing the various networking events, informative Learning Workshops, and projects that invest in our future leaders and entrepreneurs.


  • Moonlight Mixer, Coffee Connections, Chamber on Tap Networking events
  • Young Professionals Networking and Social Events
  • Learning Workshops
  • Rising Star & Salute to Education

WHY JOIN: Your gateway to a world of professional development opportunities

Environmental Sustainability

OBJECTIVE: To collaborate with the City of Encinitas, environmental organizations, Chamber members, and the community to advocate and educate for a more sustainable community, especially the business community.

ENGAGEMENT: Share sustainable business resources and best practices, collaborate on projects, and help to make events as green as possible.


  • Environmental Sustainability Council
  • Ecofest partnership
  • Events such as Oktoberfest and State of the City

WHY JOIN: You will be seen as a leader in creating a greener tomorrow elevating your business in inspiring long-lasting behavioral change in the community.

Government Relations and Advocacy

OBJECTIVE:  To strengthen communications between government officials, businesses, and individuals in our community.  The aim is to help shape policy, amplify the voices of our community, and educate the general population.

ENGAGEMENT: Attend City Council meetings, navigate legislative landscapes safeguarding the interests of our business community, and be the conduit between businesses and government.


  • Government Affairs Council
  • State of the City
  • Meet Your Elected Officials and Community Representatives

WHY JOIN:  Being a collective voice will influence decisions that will impact your business’ progress and shape the economic future.


OBJECTIVE: To showcase Encinitas as a must visit destination capturing the essences of the city’s allure and sharing it far and wide encouraging visitors to explore, experience, and fall in love with its charm.

ENGAGEMENT:  Guide innovative marketing strategies to increase traffic to our local businesses by promoting the Visitor Center as the ultimate source of Encinitas treasures.


  • Tourism Campaign
  • Visitors Center Pop Ups
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Encinitas Tourism Board
  • Oktoberfest

WHY JOIN:  Your creativity, ideas and passion will shape the narrative of our city and lure travelers to shop, stay and explore in Encinitas creating a sustainable economic future for our business and community.


OBJECTIVE: To foster a vibrant and interconnected business community through Chamber memberships, benefits, collaborations and resources. 

ENGAGEMENT: Attract, welcome, nurture and retain new and existing members.


  • Member to member check ins
  • Membership Drives
  • Ribbon Cuttings
  • Various Events

WHY JOIN:  You will be a part of thriving, interconnected and vibrant group cultivating an environment where businesses flourish.