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FREE Green Business Certification
Reduce Operating Costs Upwards of 18%*

The Encinitas Chamber of Commerce in close collaboration with the City of Encinitas joined the San Diego Regional Green Business Network (SDRGBN) as a program partner. This partnership encourages businesses to adopt environmentally sustainable practices and give green businesses the recognition they deserve. The SDRGBN is a subsidiary of the California Green Business Network and is administered by the San Diego Green Building Council (SDGBC). SDGBC will provide targeted outreach, certification, and recognition to local Encinitas businesses who are interested in participating in the program.

Benefits of Certification

Businesses that attain the Green Business Certification enjoy numerous benefits, including:

· Reduced operational costs

· Rebates to help offset any up-front costs for sustainable upgrades

· Protect the local and global environment

· Remain compliant with evolving environmental regulations

· Listed and linked on the City’s website, the California Green Business Directory, the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce websites

· Recognition at a City Council meeting and with a ribbon cutting photo-op

· Access to California Green Business Network marketing toolkit and window decals

Case studies for House of Scuba, the Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Bank, and Woodstock Pizza conducted by the SDGBC demonstrate how becoming a Certified Green Business has benefited other businesses in the San Diego Region.

What is the Green Business Network?

This program provides more than thirty types of businesses, such as restaurants, offices, salons, and more, with FREE consulting and certification from the expert staff at SDGBC. Businesses seeking to become a certified green business will meet a checklist of environmental outcomes in the areas of energy, waste, water, and more that are relevant to their business type. Joining the San Diego Regional Green Business Network aligns with the City’s Climate Action Plan and provides great value to our business community.

Rebates and Incentives

The cost of implementing measures can be offset by utilizing current local, state, and federal rebates. The Encinitas Climate dashboard contains links to rebates that could support those seeking to become certified Green Businesses. The City of Encinitas Green Building Incentive Program is closely aligned with the Green Business Certification meaning businesses may be eligible for up to a $2,000 rebate! For more information, read about the Green Building Incentive program here.

How to Become a Certified Green Business

Becoming a California Certified Green Business involves the following steps:

1. Register your business with the California Green Business Network here.

2. To find additional resources, rebates, workshops, networking opportunities and more businesses can sign up for the Chamber of Commerce newsletter to keep up-to-date on all Chamber activities including its Environmental Sustainability Committee. Signing up for the newsletter is not a commitment to becoming a Certified Green Business, rather it is a way to express interest and learn more about the process.

3. Once you have registered, staff from SDGBC will reach out to set up an initial meeting to go over the environmental measures for your business type.

4. Implement the specified measures to reduce your business’ environmental impact. Coordinate with SDGBC on any challenges faced.

5. Complete a final site visit with SDGBC. Upon successful implementation of all measures, you will be a California Certified Green Business!

Any questions about the program may be directed to greenbiz@sd-gbc.org and to view full press release click here!

*Information obtained from SDGBC Woodstock Pizza Green Business Case Study