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Chiltonic brings cryotherapy to San Diego
Cryotherapy is an advanced technology that applies very cold treatment by way of nitrogen vapor to the body for relief of basic inflammation, pain and soreness. Temperatures inside the chamber on average dip to 150C below zero, temporarily lowering the surface temperature of the skin and stimulating the body’s cold response. Upon exiting the chamber, the body immediately reheats and a general feeling of wellness is experienced.

Chill out people it’s only 3 minutes!
Whole Body Cryotherapy has been used to assist in rapid recovery from athletic training and sports injuries. Unlike old-fashioned ice baths, Whole Body Cryotherapy is unique in that it can reach problem areas quickly and without affecting core temperatures. Icing an injury is well known as a go-to manner in reducing inflammation caused by strenuous exercise or injury. Whole Body Cryotherapy takes the ice-cold water out of the experience.

An Amazing new business
here in Encinitas!

Proclamations from California Senator Pat Bates and Assemblymember Marie Waldron!