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E Street Eyes

Dr. Jeff Anshel, Optometrist
128 West E Street
(760) 931-1390

E Street Eyes

E Street Eyes is a full service eye care facility. They server your family’s vision care needs by providing all aspects of eye care. their goal is to provide the most complete and professional service with quality products at reasonable prices.

While they offer the traditional services of eye exams, glasses and contacts, they also specialize in nutrition for your eye health.

Dr. Jeff is a 38 year resident of Encinitas. He has authored numerous articles about the nutritional influences on vision and stress factors that affect visual performance. He has authored six books on eyes and visual stress related to computer use and nutrition.

Complete Eye Exam
Contact Lenses
Optical Services and Sunglasses
Eye Nutrition Counseling
Treatment of Eye Diseases
Computer Vision Problems
Children’s Vision