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How You Can Help Your Fellow Non-Profit Members

  1. ORDER TAKEOUT and/or DELIVERY: Your favorite restaurants may have had to close their doors but many of them still offer takeout or delivery.
  2. BUY GIFT CARDS: Help support local small businesses by purchasing a gift card that you can use at a future date.
  3. SHOP LOCAL ONLINE: Many of our local businesses have online stores that are open 24/7!
  4. WORK WITH FELLOW SMALL BUSINESS MEMBERS: Check our Member Directory for any services you might need.
  5. DONATE TO NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: Below are members who are non-profit organizations.

Answering the Top 5 COVID-19 Questions from California Nonprofits

There are increasingly good resources for how nonprofits can access federal funds and other federal-level resources, from organizations such as the National Council of NonprofitsNonprofit Quarterly, and field-based organizations like Americans for the Arts. We have started collecting them on our own resources page, but we’ve been getting similar questions from so many California nonprofits that we want to offer a few responses to what we see as the Top Five Questions for nonprofits right now.