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Ribbon Cutting: Apex College Advising

(760) 652-3877

Apex College Advisors provides full-service college search and application services. They assist your family in finding the best fit college for your child based on their personality and what they are seeking for their education and college experience. Apex’s goal is to help your student get admitted to a school where they will spend four happy years, be successful, and graduate. After all, it’s not getting into college that’s important, it’s being successful once you get there and getting that degree!

Apex helps your child build a college list of 7-10 schools with a good mix of safety, match, and reach to apply to. They will manage the process in conjunction with your child and help take the stress and anxiety out of the process. They will manage application deadlines, assist with applications and editing essays, applying for financial aid and scholarships, and help plan your campus visits.

Choosing the right independent college advisor is key. Apex ensures that your educational goals and their college planning services are aligned, realistic, and attainable with their highly personalized and professional approach.