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Ribbon Cutting: FLOW Encinitas

(760) 685-0710

FLOW Encinitas is a family business founded by Chris and Lisa Sinkovich.

FLOW is a home based studio that offers BEMER Physical Vascular therapy sessions. BEMER is an FDA registered medical device which increases blood flow and diminishes discomfort in the body. BEMER is a 20 year old company used by over 4000 medical clinics, hospitals, universities and professional sports teams worldwide. FLOW offers individual sessions, weekly rentals, and also sales and support for those looking to own a BEMER to use in their own home on a daily basis.

In addition to consumer direct, FLOW also collaborates with local partners to allow more people to access and experience the amazing benefits of BEMER therapy. Practitioners such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists and athletic recovery centers etc, are utilizing BEMER as an adjunctive therapy to their existing practice.