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Ribbon Cutting for Skeeter Mast of ASEA

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Email: SkeeterMast2@gmail.com

It’s true, Skeeter is her name. Though not given at birth, it’s what she has been called her whole life, a name that truly encompasses who she is. A woman who is passionate, driven and full of fun! Helping people achieve cellular health from the inside out and outside in, Skeeter’s focus is on wellness and anti-aging for both the young and old. As a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 7, she understands the importance of maintaining a high quality of life that allows her to give the most she can to her whole family.

Are you looking to work in the area of Health and Wealth and make a difference on this planet? If so, you are in the right place. Skeeter spent most of her career as a court reporter and as she embraces part two of life, she is driven by her vision to change the world with a science and product that has changed her life and the lives of so many people she knows.

Skeeter is building a team of like-minded individuals who desire to share a healthy lifestyle and want to change health concerns to health wealth. Backed by cutting-edge scientific research, Skeeter has built her business using the best of cutting-edge products that are ALL NATURAL and NATIVE to the body, with NO SIDE EFFECTS and she wants to invite you along.

Imagine all the lives you can touch when you have a healthy mind, healthy body, healthy family, healthy society and healthy finances.

She chose ASEA because of the integrity of the company, the products and the opportunity it presents. ASEA is in the top 50 Direct Sales companies in the United States and in the top 100 globally. If you are looking for a winning product, training second to none and a way to make a difference in the health and wealth of the people on this planet, give her a call.

Whether you are:

taking preventative measures for your health
are faced with some mild or serious health challenges
are an athlete looking to lower your average heart rate, decrease soreness and recovery quicker
are simply looking to build financial freedom

Skeeter can help you.

Specialties: heath, wellness, network marketing, direct sales, entrepreneurship, ASEA, coaching, all things health-related & athletics (runners, bikers, triathletes)