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Your Encinitas Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Encinitas Charities Consulting Group for an annual fundraising event called the Summer Science & Sports Academy, a virtual camp-style program designed to promote academic learning and physical education. Enrolling in the Academy means your household will get access to 15 hours of hands-on STEM and sports activities to complete according to a suggested schedule or whenever your schedule allows. Instructors will be available throughout the week for live Zoom sessions to discuss the activities and answer questions. Not only does each ticket give your family access to these fun and educational activities, but it also: Pays for a scholarship enabling a student eligible for Title I and their family to access the content Is partially tax-deductible and Raises money for the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce – 80% of ticket sales will be donated to Encinitas Chamber of Commerce. Sponsorship opportunities are also available; 90% of sponsorship amounts will be donated to the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce. To ensure the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce gets credit, select us as the organization that referred you when buying your tickets and sponsorships.

Virtual Summer Science & Sports Academy | July 13 – 31

Complete the activities according to our suggested schedule or whenever you have time. Our expert instructors will be available for live Q&A sessions to discuss activities and answer questions. For more information, click on the button below.

Click on the button below to watch a video and preview the type of content you’ll receive by participating in the Academy!

Science & Sports Academy Scholarship Application

We want all students to have access to the highest quality STEM education regardless of their ability to pay. If your student qualifies for the free or reduced meal program at their school, fill out the form below. If you have any issues with this form, email

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During this time of pandemic and protests around the country, we want to bring kids together in pursuit of an education that will improve their lives, strengthen their communities and give them the opportunities they deserve. We want all kids to be able to participate and give equal footing to kids of all races and economic backgrounds to improve their likelihood for future success.