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Saving money on your energy bill this holiday season is just a few clicks away!

Now that you have a smart meter, one way to begin saving is to log on to SDG&E’s My Account, a one stop shop for all your energy information. My Account is home to a new energy management tool where customers can go to:

  • Get their current bill and a forecasted bill for the month
  • Review their hourly, weekly or monthly energy use
  • Analyze their bill to see why it changes
  • Fill out profiles and surveys for an in-depth analysis of your energy use and costs.
  • Learn about energy-saving actions that are specific to your business or home, based on the analysis

There is no charge to become a My Account member, just log on to www.sdge.com/myaccount and
complete the registration form. Additional tips on how to save energy either at your business or home can also be found on our on the SDG&E website at:

Just one more way that SDG&E is connecting its customers to smart energy solutions.