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Ribbon Cutting Event: Encinitas Learning Center

543 Encinitas Blvd. #100
(760) 634-6886
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Since 1997, the Encinitas Learning Center (ELC) has provided a wide variety of academic, social and emotional support to help students succeed and in particular work with those that have Auditory Processing Disorder. They create a positive, proactive teaching approach by collaborating and team building with all persons committed to the student’s well-being and progress. Above all, they believe that
each student is an individual and that programs and schooling must be individualized to best enable and empower a student.

The Encinitas Learning Center is headed by Lynda Detweiler-Newcomb who has a Master’s Degree and over 30 years of experience in Communication Disorders. Lynda is coming up on two decades of private practice through establishing and operating the ELC.

Encinitas Learning Center is launching its new satellite program “Students to Scholars.” In continuing ELC’s legacy, Students to Scholars will identify any learning gaps, provide homeschool course instruction support, offer test taking strategies and drop in homework help at their
“Scholar’s Space.”

Heading this program, Kristen Keller offers mentoring and one to one intensive instruction, as well as progressive methods to overcome learning disabilities including dyslexia.

Learn more at their Open House on May 17th from 3-7pm

Summer Session is now open for enrollment.