Encinitas Chamber of Commerce

Your Soul Center

627 Encinitas Blvd.
(Next to Chin’s Chinese Restaurant)
(760) 943-7685

The Soul of Yoga™ was founded 12 years ago by two very dedicated and compassionate people, Trisha and Tom Kelly. In 2014, Your Soul Center™ received approval from the IRS to be a 501c3 not-for-profit organization and also to continue to offer yoga. By the end of 2014, Your Soul Center™ was able to acquire the Soul of Yoga from Trisha and Tom. They believed that the studio’s future mission was best served as a 501c3 For-Purpose, not-for-profit organization, maintained by an independent group of stewards with a mission of self-sustainability and service.

As the home of the Soul of Yoga™ and the Soul Institute™, Your Soul Center™ is the foundation supporting their growth and evolvement by aligning with the evolving needs of various communities and the larger consciousness that we are all a part of. While they still offer the same great yoga and wellness classes, as well as training programs and workshops, they have expanded their mission through outreach to a prison, recovery centers, cancer support and a free community clinic.

Their hope is that, as a not-for-profit but For-Purpose organization, they will be able to reach more of those who are suffering. While some of the financial support of the Soul comes from their yoga classes, workshops, concerts, and training programs, as this new entity, they now also need the support of all those who are able to through their financial donations so that they will be able to reach more of those who are suffering. Learn more about their purpose to extinguish pain and suffering by visiting their website.